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When FingerPlay Studio opened in  2015 the idea was to create a space to bring people together through crafting.

At FingerPlay Studio we believe the world is a better place when we meet face-to-face. We see evidence of this all of the time as the strongest friendships are often created between people who might never have met if it weren't for The Studio. 

While The Studio is primarily a yarn shop, we like to think of it as a place where you can feel free to play. Play with color. Play with fiber. And stretch your creativity. At FingerPlay Studio there are no "wrongs" or "should nots". Even mistakes are good things. 

Our philosophy is that everyone should consider play an essential part of living. It is through play that people learn, develop creativity, and connect with others. FingerPlay Studio offers a place where all people can come together to support each other in exploring their creative nature. When we say "all" we mean all--all genders, all orientations, all religions and cultures, all ages and sizes, all interests and all abilities. All means all.