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Hello Friend,
We cannot thank you enough for your outpouring of support. It helps just to know how much FingerPlay Studio means to you.

Here's what you helped with:
  • Our early April sale helped us move a lot of yarn and gave us the ability to refresh and bring in new and seasonal items. 
  • The GoFundMe campaign has raised enough to cover rent for a couple of months. 
  • Your participation in our Online Open Studio's has greatly lifted everyone's spirits. It's the highlight of our week to see you. 
Though things change nearly everyday here is what we expect:
  • We have applied for the government Emergency loans, but are still waiting to see if we will receive funding.
  • This crisis will likely continue for several months. Getting back to "normal" will be a gradual process and will be limited for quite awhile. 
What we are doing; 
  • Working with yarn companies and local indie dyers to creatively offer yarns, projects and more to support our vendors and the Studio.
  • Offering more variety by partnering with yarn companies on direct shipment options. Everybody wins with this: you select yarns you love even if we don't normally stock them. We place your order and collect payment. The vendor ships directly to you and we pay them their share. Easy, peasy. 
  • FingerPlay Staff meets weekly to discuss what we can offer. We are working on improving our website, creating online classes, recording technique videos, creating kits for new crafters, and supporting individuals with their project help questions. 
Keeping our chins up!
Definitely, one of the most important things we can and are doing is remaining positive. For sure, this event is forcing us to tap our creative brains in new ways. And that is something we are good at!

Love and Hugs