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Help us fulfill our dream of spreading words of encouragement. We want to see the outside of FingerPlay filled with little handcrafted Encouragement Cookies. 

Can you imagine the FingerPlay Studio tree covered with colorful crafted cookies? Can you imagine adults and children picking a few words of encouragement? It doesn’t even matter what someone is going through. We are all overwhelmed. Just a few encouraging words from happy little handmade yarn cookies, could make someone's day a bit brighter. 

If you would like to create an encouragement cookie that would be beautiful. Please leave a little opening for the message. The message should not predict the future, but give encouragement for the present. If you can’t think of a message to put inside, we will do that for you. Your cookie can be any color. 
Knit pattern written by FingerPlay Studio may be downloaded here. (This is an update from the emailed pattern)

Crochet with photos by Mohu

Cookies may also be made from felt

Disclaimer: It is not the intention of FingerPlay Studio, it's staff or customers to appropriate the Chinese fortune cookie. Nor does FingerPlay Studio intend to financially gain from this endeavor. Apologies in advance if this project offends anyone