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Finishing Services

You've had fun making your project, but finishing can sometimes be daunting. We are here to help. 

Prices vary from project to project and are subject to change depending on the size and gauge of each item. Please stop by with your project for a quote.
It is extremely helpful in most cases if you have extra yarn. If you do not have the original yarn we will use a substitute of your choice. Below is a menu of common services. If you need something else please ask. 

Very large items may be subject to added charge. 

Complete Assembly - seaming, weaving in ends, and blocking

 Blocking Only
 Misc. Finishing

Weaving in ends (per 6 ends) - $4
Attaching Buttons (per button) - $1.50
Knitting Edges (per square inch) - $0.50
Crocheting Edges (per square inch) - $0.50
Setting in a Sleeve (per sleeve) - $ 15
Seaming only - depends on project


$40/hr. or by estimate


$2.00/skein for yarn not purchased at FingerPlay Studio