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Welcome to the Persimmon Wrap Knit Along
Here is where we will share helpful tips and tutorial videos. 

Make Note of Your Color Choices. 
It might sound simple but writing A, B, C, D with the corresponding color next to the letter on top of your main pattern page will save you, really. 

Use Stitch Markers!
 There is no shame in using these simple tools.
Things change a lot in this pattern and with the aid of stitch markers you won't have to remember things like "Is this edge 5 sts, 6 sts, or 4 sts?
It's easier than you think to get off track. Stitch Markers help you find mistakes faster. 

Don't Trust Yourself--You Cannot Count to Ten
Honestly knitting can make you feel a little inept sometimes. Use all the tools you need to keep track of your rows, the number of times you repeated the pattern. Hashtags on a piece of paper, counting apps, lining up M&Ms for each repeat, whatever works for you. 

Video Tutorials
Click the link to the YouTube video

Ridged Eyelet Stitch

Mock Rib Stitch

Slices Stitch

Swedish Dots

Crossed Knots

Vines Stitch