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Cotton Club Dishcloth Kits

Dishcloths are a snack-sized way to keep your crafting mojo going all summer long. 
You take them with you everywhere you go: on a hike, to a game, on the plane...everywhere.

And they have so many uses! Just because we call them dishcloths that doesn't mean they are only designated for dishes. They make wonderful washcloths. They are terrific gifts. They are reusable and can go straight to the washer and dryer. Because they are made from natural cotton, they don't last forever. That is a good thing! Eventually your cotton cloth will break down and is compostable when it does. 

We will create new Cotton Club kits every two weeks from Memorial Day to Labor Day. You don't need to subscribe or commit. Just pick up a kit when you like. They also make great gifts. 

Each kit contains:
 - 2 balls of Clean Cotton, a worsted weight kitchen cotton,
 - 1 knit digital pattern download
 - 1 crochet digital pattern download
 - 1 reusable produce bag

Kit prices vary depending on the pattern cost, but will always be affordable.